Ocean Paws Adult Dog Training Program

Ocean Paws Adult Dog Training

This program is designed for Dogs that are 6 months of age and over.  The program runs for seven weeks and includes 6 practical sessions and one theory lesson.


The aim of this program is to promote responsible dog ownership and encourage the training of well-mannered dogs.


This program covers good doggy manners and behaviour management, including a number of practical exercises, such as recall/come when called under mild distractions, stay for a specific duration, laying down and standing up on cue. We also cover educational topics, such as on- lead management and behaviour around other dogs, management strategies for problem behaviours and basic health care.


This program also covers progression exercises based on your dog’s prior learning. For example, if your dog is well versed in sitting for a greeting at home but when out and about your dog struggles with doing so, we will help you with obtaining this behaviour in many different environments.  

Enjoying simple things

Some of the behaviours we cover are:

  • Respond to their name & eye contact with mild distractions
  • Walking nicely on a loose lead
  • Leave objects when asked
  • Move onto mat and settle (for duration)
  • Move into the standing position when asked (for short duration)
  • Your dog will also gain socialisation and exposure to other dogs, children and adults

In addition, we cover a number of educational topics such as how dogs learn, environmental enrichment and safe greetings with dogs, plus more

Each program is tailored to specifically to meet individual client’s needs.

$200.00 – 7 week program

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Adult Dog Training – 7 week program