Ocean Paws Dog Training at Home (We come to you)

Ocean Paws Dog Training at Home

If you are unable to attend a group class, or if your dog is more suited to one on one training, we offer private dog training courses in the comfort of your home.


Each course covers all of the behaviours you would learn in group class, plus the additional educational topics covered.


In addition, we can also tailor your training sessions to suit your own individual needs, so that if there something specific you would like to address such as walking on a loose lead walking we can target this specifically for you.


Our at home dog training packages and pricing are as follows:

  • Ocean Paws Baby Puppy Program -(8 – 16 weeks) $200 for 4 week program.
  • Ocean Paws Senior Puppy Program (16 weeks – 24 weeks) – $250 for 5 week program.
  • Ocean Paws Adult Dog Training Program (6 months and older) $250 for 5 week program.

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