Training Methods

About Dog Training and Behaviour

Just like human’s all dogs are individual,  that is what makes our furry family members so special.


In terms of behaviour, a dogs behaviour is primarily effected by the way a dog is bred, socialised, trained and their past or present environment. That’s not to say that each dog has behavioural issues but more so highlights the importance of our dogs been given every opportunity possible, to learn in positive force free environment that encourages learning, and in-turn positively affects their behavioural development.


From a very young age our dogs will look up to us for guidance and it us up to us as their guardians, to constantly guide them through their lives, so that as a family they can live happily, in our world.


Training methods


If you choose to use positive training techniques when training your dog, this will create a life long connection of trust and respect  that will result in a stronger, healthier bond between you and your dog,  that will benefit the whole family.


Through using positive reinforcement training techniques, we are able to create a learning environment that encourages our dogs to make calm,  well educated decisions and also provides us their humans with a communication tool that is clear, effective and results in a rewarding training experience for everyone involved. Your dog will benefit greatly from this method training and will grow into a social, confident dog that is better able to cope in the world.


Dog training is not only about having a well mannered dog, its also a fun, rewarding experience that will enrich your lives and create a life long special bond between you and your furry friend. So enjoy your training and remember to have fun whilst doing so.

So what is positive reinforcement training?

Put simply, positive reinforcement training is a scientifically proven, force free training method that focuses on rewarding the behaviours we want and ignoring the behaviours we don’t want. By rewarding those behaviours we do want, they are more likely to be repeated as your dog learns that good things happen to him when he does the thing you like.


The use of positive reinforcement is the most humane and effective training method to use, as it uses non-confrontational techniques to work our dogs brain, in a way that is fun, stress free, reduces frustration and enables learning. What’s key is our dogs decision making whilst training is influenced without the use of force and hence our dogs trust in us,  is not broken which can occur when using harsh, threatening training methods.


You may find that positive reinforcement training has many names, such as reward based training, force free training and or reward based positive reinforcement training, regardless of the terminology the general theory remains the same, i.e. when we reward our dogs for the behaviours we like they are more likely to be repeated.


At Ocean Paws Dog Training you will learn how to positively influence your dogs development through understanding how dogs learn, and using this information to effectively train your dog in a way that is fun and rewarding for everyone involved. 

 Happy Training Everyone – From Ocean Paws Dog Training

Dog Training Programs

Ocean Paws Private Consults
One on one training is best for behavioural problems. As each dog and situation is different, we tailor each private consult specific to your needs and the needs of your dog, in the privacy of your own home.
$Special Offer
Ocean Paws Baby Puppy Program
Our Ocean Paws Baby Puppy Program is designed for puppies between the ages of 8-16 weeks and consists of four practical lessons and one theory lesson. This program focuses on helping you and your pup getting ready for your new world together.
$1305 week program
Ocean Paws Senior Puppy Program
Our Senior Puppy Program is designed for puppies between the ages of 17-24 weeks and consists of five practical lessons and one theory lesson. The aim of our senior puppy program is to instil good puppy manners such as sitting for guests, walking calmly on the lead and coming when called.
$1606 week program
Ocean Paws Adult Dog Training Program
This program is designed for Dogs that 6 months of age and over.   The program runs for seven weeks and includes 6 practical sessions and one theory lesson.  The aim of this program is to promote responsible dog ownership and encourage the training of well-mannered dogs.
$2007 week program
Ocean Paws Dog Training at Home
If you are unable to attend a group class, or if your dog is more suited to one on one training, we offer private dog training courses in the comfort of your home. Each course covers all of the behaviours you would learn in group class, plus the additional educational topics covered.
$4 or 5 week program available
Behaviour Specific Programs
Adopted a fur baby? The aim of each program is to address the specific behavioural issue by starting training right at the beginning stages and working with each client through each stage to achieve success. Each program runs for 3- 4 sessions depending upon the behaviour being taught.
$3- 4 sessions

Our private consults are $90.00 for the first session and $70.00 for each subsequent session.

We also offer discounts if your purchase up to three sessions upfront.